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Nao Polman Ishizaka

Japanese medicinal cuisine lesson and tea ceremony


 (up coming!)

Japanese medicinal cooking lesson 


Serving special tea to treat your body


Medicinal cooking based on Japanese vegan cooking using ingredients available in the Netherlands. 

Serving by Haruka’s pot with special tea from her organic garden.


25th (sat.)January 2020

<Cooking for Curing gynecological problems>

~Cooking with Japanese beans and western herbs~

8th (sat.)February 2020

<Cooking for Curing liver and makes your body warm>

~Cooking with home made Miso and how to do ginger compress~

14th(sat.)March 2020

<Cooking for Detoxing your body>

~Detoxing cooking with special wild plants~

Time; 11:00~14:30

Place; Ruiterlaan 24A Bussum

Price; 75euro/each (61.98euro+VAT)



Mieke Bouwens


"Soul on paper and earth"



Friday 14 September 2019

Friday 28 September 2019

· Introduction to traditional Japanese art forms:

· Sumi-e painting

· Attending the Tea Ceremony -to be relaxed-

· Calligraphy for painting a ceramic plate

· Find the way to yourself through the philosophy of imperfection


Saturday morning 14 September Bussum 10.00 - 13.00 Atelier Haruka

Saturday morning 28 September Giekerk 10.00 - 13.00 Atelier Mieke

Nao Polman Ishizaka

Japanese medicinal cuisine lesson and tea ceremony


Saturday 16 November 

Japanese medicinal cuisine lesson (vegetarian) by Nao

Nao has been working as chef and pastry chef for more than 15years. And she studied Japanese medicinal cooking Yamato Yakuzen from Kyoko Onishi for 7years.

This time Nao will show us how to cook Japanse Medicinal Cuisine, which can help gynopathy.

Sanny Bijvoet /Cashmere Yoga 

Meditation Morning



Friday 5 July 2019

Coming Friday, I will give Gyokuro tea ceremony with my Banko teapot, after Sanny's Cashmere Yoga lesson.

I will use bio Gyokuro Green tea from Fujiwara town, Mie in Japan (next town I grew up).

This Green tea has a special taste, which refreshes in your month, sharpens mind and clears your body.

On coming Friday, the weather allows us to give our workshop outside on the green field!

And I am pretty much excited that I got chance to give Mie gyokuro green tea ceremony with teapots on Bussum green field!

Japan Cultural Exchange

Japanese pop-up gift market


Thursday - Saturday 14 - 30 November 

Gift market by local Japanese artists
Kyoko Kimono / haruka matsuo / ShinkaQ

MONO JAPAN online shop


JCE sample sale

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