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CHIEL KUIJL & Contemplative Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony in the Silence

Whole ceremony takes about 80-90 min. 

A tea ceremony will lead you to discover your inner silent moment.​

Wooden tea ceremony table and chair were made by Chiel Kuijl. He is installation artist living in Naarden.

Include: Green tea, Japanese sweets

Preparing tea set 20 min, Tea ceremony and tasting green tea, Japanese sweets 30 min, giving instruction of Japanese philosophy of Sado-green tea ceremony 20-30 min.


From 1-18 people 25 euro per a person.




S2 Houtatelier
06 16908924

Korte bedekte weg, Naarden-Vesting


12 June 2022,  14:30

Authentic Japanese green tea ceremony held by Haruka Matsuo. You will experience meditative precious time with drinking Gyokuro green tea with special sweets. The Japanese tea ceremony is a series of precise actions (in silence) to be in the here and now and to experience connectedness with each other and nature. Haruka performs Japanese Sado - Sencha do Oubakubaisado with Banko Yaki tea ware which was made by puzzled wooden mould for Gyokuro green tea.

Those tea ceremony tables and chair were handmade by artist Chiel Kuijl. He lives closed to the forest and uses the materials which were found in his neighborhood. He creates bridges and stairs with wood and ropes as if children are playing and making hut in the forest. What he made is always organic and make me feel that I am close to the natural forest.
Those tea ceremony table was made especially for the tea ceremony. Tea ceremony table and chair needs to be certain hight : table 47cm, chair 40cm. Because when you sit on this chair, the posture will be same as you sit on the ground.

Tea ceremony will be taken place at Chiel's wooden atelier in Naarden vesting. You will enjoy tea ceremony in the nature sitting on his swing and chairs.


Overscheenseweg 5

1412 AA Naarden

The Netherlands


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