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Guanyang Township, located in the northwest of Fuding City. The town is located in the alpine zone, most of the villages are above 600 metres above sea level, there are 144 large and small peaks, the highest peak of Wangfu Mountain is 1113.6 metres above sea level. Most of the high mountain terrain, day and night temperature difference, tea production cycle is longer, the period of tea green marketed later than the plains zone, snow every winter, which is conducive to the control of tea pests and diseases.

Guanyang's tea aroma is the highest, as the name of the town, the tea is full and sunny. The tea polyphenol content of tea in Guanyang town is much higher than that of other regions, and the high amino acid content, low phenol-ammonia ratio and good sweetness in high mountain tea. However, because the soil contains gravel, the roots of the tea trees are not deep, and the tea produced is a little weak in terms of brewing resistance. But the aroma is the highest, some time people say this Lapsang Soucong has cicolate fregarnce. 





Lapsang Souchong

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