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The way of tea

Soil of Johannahoeve in Deventer next to Ijssel river

Johannahoeve, Farmer family Klunder

Farmer Klunder

Ground of Johannahoeve became officially BIO mark from this year.

Farmer Klunder

The herbs we grow in the ground Johannahoeve.

Those herb seeds were sent to de Hovenschool in Deventer.

I gave instructions to the children of de hoven school "how to sow the herb plant seeds with recycled material" by Zoom.

28 children grown the seeds in the paper pot, and eventually replaced to the ground of Johannahoeve the path of "The way of Soil" which Elmo Vermijs has been building on-going sculpture.

Grain the soil to prepare the clay.

The test piece to make tea ware by the clay of Ijssel river.

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