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Thank you for applying Banko-Yaki Teapot Workshop.

We will create a teapot with Japanese traditional mould : Kigata Banko.

You will be able to choose from a selection of clay to make your own teapot.



Let us know which one you would like to use.

A. Porcelain colour (white) (*ceramic experience only)

B. Soba (buckwheat) colour 

Knowing which clay you would like to use will allow us to prepare the clay in advance and make the most of the time during the workshop for you.

porcelain white.jpeg

A. Porcelain colour (white)

B. Soba (buckwheat) colour

Please choose your clay

(1) Size

I have several teapot mould to create teapot for workshop. 

Please tell us what size teapot you would like to make.


Family size for 4-6 people or teapot for 2-3 people. 

If you would like to see the moulds before deciding, that's fine too. 

*For beginners, we recommend a teapot for 2-3 people. We have a limited number of moulds for 4-6 people.

Please choose size of teapot

Thank you.

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