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Obaku-no-Tsuyu has been certified as Uji Premium Gyokuro.

Indulge in the exquisite elegance of Kyoto Uji Premium Gyokuro, Obaku-no-Tsuyu a certified Uji gem favored by headmasters and teachers of the Japan Federation of Sencha Schools. Immerse yourself in its rich flavor, carefully crafted for the perfect tea ceremony experience.


Oubaku Baisa Ryu:

The Way of Sencha as Senchado Oubakubaisa ryu:

Kyoto Uji Premium Gyokuro Green tea Obaku-no-Tsuyu

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€ 36,00Price
  • How to brew Gyokuro amount of tea leaves 2 spoons 5-6g

    First brew

    Hot water temperature 50degrees

    Amount of hot water 50cc

    Leaching time 2 minutes 30 seconds


    Second brew

    Hot water temperature 60degrees

    Amount of hot water 60cc

    Leaching time 2 minutes


    The trick to brewing a good cup of Gyokuro tea

    is to use the smallest teapot possible.

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