Japanese medicinal cuisine lesson and tea ceremony

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Saturday 16 November


I will organize tea ceremony with teapot set and Japanese medicinal cuisine lesson with Nao Polman Ishizaka. Japanese medicinal cuisine is one of the Japanese term for cooking that blends seasonal spices and ingredients with food. This makes eating herbs, and other foodstuffs that are good for you, go down much more easily. But don’t think of it as medicine disguised as food, rather food as medicine. As well as helping people recover from illness, this cuisine helps prevent it by maintaining good health. Ideally, ingredients are chosen according to the season or the needs of the person eating the meal.

Japanese medicinal cuisine cooked by Nao in this summer.

Nao has been working as chef and pastry chef for more than 15years. And she studied Yamato Yakuzen from Kyoko Onishi for 7years.

This time Nao will show us how to cook Japanese medicinal cuisine, which can especially help gynopathy.

Porcelain teapot in moestuin

I will make a fermented Biwa (Loquat) tea which was harvested in my moestuin.

Biwa tree in moestuin

And I will do tea ceremony of Biwa tea with my teapots.


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