Japanse Medicinal Cuisine cooking lesson and Medicinal tea

I organised with Nao Polman Ishizaka “Japanese Medicinal Cuisine cooking lesson and Medicinal tea last week.

Nao has been working as chef and pastry chef for more than 15years. And she studied Yamato Yakuzen from Kyoko Onishi for 7years.

I met Nao 10 years ago in the Nederlands. Everytime I visited her, she cooked amazing miracle dishes for me with fresh organic ingredients. The taste was so refined and pure. I asked the recipes and tried to cook same dishes for my husband and daughter. But somehow I could not remake same taste as Nao cooked. So I asked Nao to give me a cooking lesson, and show me the process step by step, then I hoped that I could learn how to cook her recipes! This time we leaned Japanese Medicinal Cuisine which helps especially for gynepathy. We used Aduki beans (for hematopoieses), black soybean (blood purification), soy product, fennel (menopause).

When we arrive her kitchen we were welcomed with black beans apple tea. Nao explained that black beans help us to settle down.

Nao showen us cooking book written by her teacher Kyoko Onishi.

This time we leaned from Nao:

-Fennel with vegetable soup

-Daikon daikon salad

-Shiitake with hacchou miso

-Croquette with tempei & pumpkin

-Sauce for croquette with Tekka miso and applemoes

—Brown rice with azuki

She really recommended to use good sea salt such as “nuchimasu” from Japan Okinawa.

In deed this salt is amazingly tasty and bit sweet.

Nao frying Tenpei in the pan.

I have ever tried Tekka miso. It taste like chocolate, it‘s extreme “Young” (Warm) side. It’s used in Yakuzen cuisine very often.

While Nao was cooking I prepared Biwa tea which grew my garden This summer.

Biwa is one of the most helpful house medicine plant. You can use leaves for many skin problem. And if you put the leaves on your back with warm konnyaku, it heals damaged organs.

Long time ago in Japan, still people went to temple for the healing body, monks used this Biwa leaves for the treatment. Therefore many biwa trees were planted around the temples.

Biwa tea has beautiful rose color.

This is what we cooked and learned.

We are going to organise same lesson coming February in Bussum and Amsterdam again.

If you are already interested, please send me message.

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