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Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Today was first day of Kigata Banko workshop. I gave a workshop at Mira’s atelier. I did green tea ceremony with strawberry Daifuku sweets before I started workshop. ( Strawberries were so big in Israel, it was really hard to wrap with white mochi...) On the way back, we passed by Daniella’s garden. She makes alternative medicine and has big garden to produce natural medicines for her treatments.

The second day of workshop, we started with green tea ceremony. And we finished lid of teapot, five green tea cups and lid stand. While we were working, we had many kinds of nuts, fruits (some of then I’d never seen before) and chocolates on the table.

The avobe photo is my teapot (Banko clay fired with reduction fire) and a fruit which was grown in the one of the participant’s garden. I coulda’t help myself to leave it in Israel, it traveled together to Amsterdam. 2nd photo is the result of teapot workshop with Kigata Banko. While we were making teapot, we spoke a lot about people in Israel, history and food. Also we enjoyed the silence of creativity with concentration which was coming and going like a wave.

Mira, owner of this studio @mira_zuckerman beautiful plates and sculptures with astonishing glaze which was made from her own recipes. Her works have strong taste and characteristic organic form that makes me think about her works with Mediterranean cucia, serving on the dark olive wooden table. Mira was so powerful and warm. At first glance I was falling love with her. I was so happy to see people enjoying their own teapot, tasting Japanese culture through the workshop and exposing own creativity.

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